Jukebox Sundays – June

Happy June angels! Summer has truly started this month so the vibeshave to match. I’ve always said that the music I’m listening tochanges with the seasons and so as the sun has been doing its thing,my playlist had to act accordingly. I did still have my sad girl musicmoments but for the most part – […]

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Jukebox Sundays – May

Frankie Hey lovelies – welcome to Gemini season. Make sure to hug a Gemini for me today because we deserve. Anyway, we’ve hit the end of the month and so I present to you my May all wrapped up in usual fashion. I had a great time in May – it gave us new drops […]

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JukeBox Sundays – April

Frankie April brought with it sunshine and bank holidays – so the tracks I’vebeen playing I’m calling the “prelude to summer”. A lot of thesesongs just give pure serotonin and truly carried me through the lulls ofApril. Naturally, I’ve come to share and give them their chance toshine. Gradually – ASTNStarting off with my absolute […]

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PC Culture

Happy Wednesday to you all (if that’s a thing). I hope this reaches all of you well and before I begin, big up everyone and every community – it’s peace and love always. So, a short one today – PC (Politically correct) culture. This all stemmed from me telling a story to somebody, and I […]

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Jukebox Sundays – March

I’ll hold my hands up, I haven’t posted this month. Life has put me in a spin cycle then twice then reversed it, it ain’t easy. But alas, I’m alive, Frankie and I are here to feed you some music on this fine Sunday Frankie So, March. I’d say that March was filled with fresh […]

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Jukebox Sundays – February

Happy Sunday beautiful people. I’m sure this month was filled with wholesome love and affection for some of you. As for the rest of you, sorry – stay the course – God has got you. Anyway, last Sunday of the month means more tunes for your headtop from Frankie and I. Welcome to February’s edition […]

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Life After University

Happy Sunday to you and yours. Coincidentally, this is my 50th post! Congratulations to me and here’s to many more. I’ll be brief with the intro. I was asked to write about life after university by someone. I thought hm, good idea. But rather than just sharing my brief experience, I asked some of my […]

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Jukebox Sundays – January

Good morning, good afternoon, good evening. Happy Sunday to you and yours. I’ve got a new monthly feature for your head tops. We’ll name this one ✨Jukebox Sundays✨. This originates from my yearly music round ups – only difference is they’ll be monthly and between 6 – 10 songs and/or albums. Seeing as you guys always […]

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Making Room For Yourself

Happy new year beautiful people. I hope you’ve entered the new year well and hope all is well with you and yours. What better way to start the new year than with a little self-reflection aided with a shift in habit(s)? I’ll start with some quick statistics for you. In 2021, it was estimated that […]

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Page 1 of 365. Or whatever those motivational insta pages say. Cliche and played out. But I guess some truth lies in the cliche. Only that the book has been open from the day our lungs were first filled with oxygen. We had to learn and become accustomed to what said book is – what […]

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Best Albums of 2021

It’s been a good year for music. Particularly with outside being open again (kinda), we have been able to have a soundtrack to memories created. Enabling us to have an emotional attachment to the music we enjoy. With that being said, as always, I’ve curated a list of MY favourite albums of 2021. Emphasis on […]

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